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How each manufacturer and carrier installed their bloatware system apps varies, so we have three methods to help you remove Facebook and other system apps. We listed them in order of difficulty from most straightforward to the most complex, but the third method is the most surefire way.

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None of these methods will uninstall the app. Instead, they will disable it, preventing any background activities or new updates and removing them from your app drawer. Mainly, the app is laid to rest instead of being killed off. By far the easiest method is to disable the app within Settings.

To accomplish this, open the Settings app and select "Apps.

How to Track an Android Phone When It’s Offline?

From here, choose Facebook or whatever system app you wish to remove to open its App Info page. There are two buttons along the top of the page, "Disable" and "Force Stop. If the "Disable" button is grayed out, try one of the methods below. If the first method isn't possible or if you want to remove more than just Facebook, we recommend using a package disabler app. These apps can remove not only Facebook, but many of the bloatware apps that OEMs include. Currently, the only reliable apps are only available for LG and Samsung devices.


I would be using a lot of social media applications and they would all be running simultaneously Snapchat, Facebook, whatsapp, BBM, kik, Skype You name it, I use it. It's ridiculous how much social media I use.

How to Stop Ads on My Android Home Screen

I would prefer an Android phone. I would like to know what some of your opinions for what current unlocked phones would be suitable for me. They seem to have the hardware specs that would make sense, but in the end it all comes down to user experience so what phone would you guys recommend for someone who uses social media non stop? I also would be using my phone for the usual stuff, such as music, movies, surfing the web etc.

How to Monitor Kik Screen Recording With BlurSPY - Phone Spy App

BTW I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Discover, and it's really not the best phone for my use with it constantly lagging out. I barely have 10mb of free RAM with all my social media applications running in the background and the single core processor on this phone isn't helping.

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I find this amusing! Thank you. Dec 2, 2, 2 24, Similar threads Buying new phone, need advice.

Part 1: Hide Apps on Android with Go Launcher

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Android Tablets. Android Smartphones. Started by javierdl Yesterday at PM Replies: 0. So close the tab of browser when you get such popups or notifications from any website. Second thing which we want to tell you that you should have a high performance antivirus app on your smartphone. These antivirus apps keep your device safe from online and offline threats.

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